Mobile Phone


Daniel Arsham
Mobile Phone, 2013
Plaster and broken glass
11.625 x 1.75 x 2.5 inches
Edition of 500 individually packaged in custom box



OHWOW is pleased to announce the first chapter of Daniel Arsham’s Future Relic series, with the release of his film Future Relic 01, and a limited edition object, called Mobile Phone. Future Relic 01 is an 8-minute film that tells the story of Mobile Phone – an archetypal brick phone cast from a mixture of plaster and broken glass. Contextualizing the “discovery” of this object, the film serves as a theatrical narrative, featuring a musical score by Swizz Beatz, and costumes by Richard Chai.

Arsham envisions these petrified objects as anthropological relics, in this case, a mimic of an early cellular phone. He imagines Mobile Phone buried for years, later discovered in an archeological dig, but regardless of specific time lapse, this Future Relic signifies obsolete technology – a signal of human progress or an entropic future. Future Relic 01 is the narrative manifestation of Arsham’s imagined history, which follows an archeologist on an excavation. Drawing references from the 1962 British classic, Lawrence of Arabia, and visually inspired by The Seventh Seal (1957), Future Relic 01 takes the viewer on a journey in search of Mobile Phone, progressed by physical replications of tools and weapons from the Lawrence film.

From two-dimensional work to sculpture, installation, public art, and performance, Daniel Arsham produces occasions to (re)consider architecture and everyday objects. His works realize hypothetical elements and counterintuitive designs, queuing possibilities and coercing material to behave atypically. Whether through his solo creations or collaborations, he presents work that possesses measures of solid intention and moments unrehearsed.